Saturday, July 2, 2011

Post Trip Revelations

I find myself sitting around my house (as I have been confined to do so, thanks wisdom teeth), just simply thinking about my trip to New Zealand and reminiscing upon what made it so special. New Zealand was so much different that Africa, but in a way that I find hard to classify. In some ways it was simply just more diverse,  in other ways it was more controlling, none the less I still find myself sitting her wishing that I could jump back onto one of those lovely 14 hour flights to Auckland (hopefully this time without a crying baby).  The friendships I gained on this trip will never leave me, that much I'm sure of. When you're far away from home, it's the people who keep you going. Without them the trip would not have nearly been as unforgettable and utterly indescribable. I will undoubtably treasure everything that these wonderful people have brought into my life and never forget the memories we shared, those images will forever be a perpetual fixture in my mind.

It has been on these two trips over these last two summers that I have truly learned the most about myself and what it means to know who you are as a person, and as an individual. I found comfort in the fact that I grew up a little bit each day I was away, I learned something new,  I tried something different, or discovered something amazing. Each time it taught me more and more about myself. I tend to struggle finding myself in both ideology and thought when I'm trapped inside the proverbial, yet very legitimate, "Memorial Bubble". It is only when I can get away from everything, like on one of these trips or something like it that I can fully embrace my moral character and see who I am outside of usual circumstances, which is something I am beginning to treasure more and more each time the opportunity presents itself.

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