Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Pictures!

Alright so I've gotten to the point where I don't blog anymore, I literally don't have time, so I'll show you all what's going on via my pictures! To give you some background, it's been a really warm fall here in New  Zealand, henceforth there is no snow, so we are not skiing! Today we went on a horseback ride at a small farm just outside of Hanmer. It was really pretty awesome! My horse was named Storm and he was more a less a total beast. I love animals like that.. Unfortunately I didn't think bringing Martha on horseback was the best idea, so I just left her in the bus. She's still mad at me for that haha. After that we went to a natural hot springs that had a water park attached to it, yeah life is rough here in New Zealand... I didn't take any pictures though. Oh well!

I'm trying to post some new pictures right now, but yet again the internet isn't blazing...

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